Noise Floor Radio Volume 68

Noise Floor Radio Volume 68

Number 68 in a weekly series of Noise Floor-curated playlists.

Bidding farewell to Bowie

Bidding farewell to Bowie

I’m not usually one to eulogize the dead – particularly celebrities I’ve never met – but in ruminating on the loss of David Bowie today, the degree to which the man has been omnipresent in my life since I first took a serious interest in 

Sometimes I blog?

Sometimes I blog?

Hello and welcome to effort number (?) of my attempts to actually use this blog for something. Pictured above is Robert Hampson of the legendary Loop, who played a very loud set at the Middle East Downstairs last month. It was one of ~50 shows 


As you can likely tell, Everybody Talking at the Same Time is (technically) no more. In conjunction with setting up a new photography portfolio site, I decided to come up with a name that’s a bit catchier and less clunky. Thus, Noise Floor was born. 

The exciting world of social networking

Everybody Talking has finally jumped on the bandwagon and gotten itself a Facebook page! Like us and get show reviews, photos and commentary delivered straight to your news feed. While you’re at it, why not follow me on Twitter? I’m funny sometimes! Enough shameless self 

“How far does your road go? Oh no, you don’t know.”

Hey everyone. As you might have noticed, Everybody Talking has been rather sporadically updated in the past few months with pretty much nothing but show reviews. I’ll attribute this partially to my own laziness, but also to an unexpectedly high volume of non-music things happening 

Record Store Day 2012: The Aftermath

So, this year’s annual Record Store Day has come and gone, and what have we learned? For one thing, record collectors (and reseller scumbags) are taking this event more and more seriously with each passing year. My store of choice was the original Newbury Street 

Ultimate first world problems…

…I buy depressing records and then it’s far too nice outside for me to listen to them. Recently arrived from eBay are: Tom Waits – Rain Dogs, Neil Young – On the Beach, Leonard Cohen – Songs From a Room and Leonard Cohen – Death 

Vinyl and such – 3/10

It hasn’t been too evident since I’ve started this blog (because I’ve mostly been going broke due to concert tickets), but I’m a huge record nerd. I love vinyl for both its sonic and aesthetic qualities, and I think there are few better ways to 

“Do you guys like krautrock?”

We’re all familiar with that guy who thinks he’s the funniest, hippest hipster in the room by yelling an ironic request for ‘Free Bird’ during a show. Most of us think that guy is an idiot. All musicians think that guy is an idiot. Most