Sometimes I blog?


Hello and welcome to effort number (?) of my attempts to actually use this blog for something. Pictured above is Robert Hampson of the legendary Loop, who played a very loud set at the Middle East Downstairs last month. It was one of ~50 shows I’ve shot and attended in first four and half months of this very strange 2014.

From a photography perspective, 2014 has ruled. I’ve shot The Knife, Arctic Monkeys, Slint, St. Vincent, Danny Brown, a lot of prog-metal, a No Age show in a Starbucks and an A$AP Ferg set wherein the Trap Lord dumped a bottle of water on my gear (during “Dump Dump,” no less). I finally saw Malkmus play “Summer Babe,” I watched Mac DeMarco climb around the Middle East hanging from pipes and met one of my musical heroes. There was also a 2 Chainz show that I was quite proud of nagging enough Def Jam reps to get approved for. At some point I reached the conclusion that I’d be sort of a miserable person if I wasn’t dedicating this much time and energy to live music and photography.

I also had a longterm relationship end in a spectacularly awful fashion this year and have barely written anything in the past three months. As summer approaches and I make efforts to reboot several aspects of my life, it seems like as good a time as any to reboot this half of my website as well. I’m aiming for something more informal where I toss half-constructed ideas, random concert stories/show reviews and the occasional critical piece. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ll have some coverage of White Hills and Television from this week to knock this self-indulgent post off the top of the page soon.