Hallelujah the Hills played Great Scott – 12/19

Boston mainstays Hallelujah the Hills headlined a release show for their new record at Allston’s Great Scott with Major Stars and Adam Schatz. 

Ryan Walsh’s Hallelujah the Hills celebrated the November release of their excellent seventh LP I’m You on a stacked Thursday night at Great Scott. Highlighting the band’s latest opus – a lyrically dense and personal sprawl from singer-guitarist Walsh – was a spirited set that invited up onetime Van Morrison associate John Payne on flute and saw the frontman descending from the stage to personally shake the hands of nearly everyone in attendance.

Rounding out the night was a characteristically mind-melting set from Boston’s heavy-psych jammers Major Stars and an appearance from Landlady’s Adam Schatz, who opened his collection of idiosyncratic piano tunes with a striking Fiona Apple cover.

See shots from all three sets below.