Spirit Caravan played Brighton Music Hall – 10/20


Long-running stoner-doom collective Spirit Caravan stormed Brighton Music Hall last month with co-headliners Bongzilla and support from Memphis’ Dirty Streets and locals Rozamov. 

Fronted by the legendary Scott “Wino” Weinrich (of doom metal progenitors Saint Vitus), Spirit Caravan delivered the sort of crushing, cosmic set emblematic of a seasoned band who can tap into something otherworldly. It was riffs and stomping rhythm galore. Wino’s description of one song as being “about lust and inter-dimensional travel” should give you some idea of the general vibe.

Rozamov’s sludge-y opening set was perhaps objectively the heaviest of the night. I’d only shot the band once previously – opening for Slayer at the Sinclair during the Converse Rubber Tracks week back in April – and given our ~90 second photography restriction under those circumstances, I was happy to capture them in a more relaxed environment here.

Dirty Streets’ groovy, bluesier sound was a departure from the rest of the bill, but the trio distinguished themselves with tight instrumental interplay. I was rather tired and partway through a busy week on this Tuesday, so I did opt to skip Bongzilla, but I’ll venture to guess (respectfully) that I have a pretty good idea of what a band called Bongzilla sounds like anyway.

Photos from the aforementioned three sets below.

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