Krill, Pile, Warehouse and Palm Played Cuisine En Locale – 9/18


Cuisine En Locale’s bill on the 18th was stacked no matter how you look at it, but the announcement a few days prior that it would be the beloved Krill’s second-to-last Boston show before the band’s untimely demise lent an unexpectedly heavy air to the show. Tickets promptly sold out and Krill took on the headlining slot, while Pile unassumingly opened the show. Atlanta’s Warehouse and New York’s Palm offered excellent support in between, and photos of all four are offered below. krill-2 krill-3 krill-4 krill-5 krill-6 krill-7 krill-8 krill-9 krill-10 krill-11 krill-12 krill-13 krill-15 krill-16 krill-17 krill-18 krill-19 krill-20 krill-21 krill-22 krill-23 krill-24 krill-25 krill-26 krill-27 krill-28 krill-29 krill-30 krill-31 krill-32 krill-33 krill-34 krill-35 krill-36 krill-37