Heathen Shame, Mountain Movers, Bong Wish played Faces Brewing – 1/14

Notes from a psychedelic Sunday night in Malden.


Allston -> Malden on a Sunday night in a freezing snow squall isn’t the easiest sell, admittedly, but sometimes you’ve gotta make sacrifices for a great bill. Of primary appeal here was a rare set from Heathen Shame, the noise-damaged project of trumpeter Greg Kelley and Major Stars guitarists Wayne Rodgers and Kate Village. The deep freakouts of any Stars set from Rodgers and Village already push the boundaries of the electric guitar, but Heathen Shame disregard boundaries entirely, embracing a free-jazz tangle of amplifier worship and stabs of brass in thrillingly confrontational fashion. They played first and didn’t play long, but quickly made the trek worthwhile.

Of course, Connecticut’s Mountain Movers and locals Bong Wish didn’t disappoint either. The former’s sprawling Crazy Horse psych and the latter’s gentler explorations – which worked a violin into the mix – proved complementary both to one another and to the maelstrom that led off the night. Check out photos of all three sets below.

Heathen Shame at Faces Brewing – Malden, MA