Gone, Husbands & more played O’Brien’s – 1/12

A local bill bolstered by VA trio Gone took over O’Brien’s on a recent Friday eve.


You might not know it from the tumbleweeds blowing across the homepage right now, but it’s actually been a pretty busy January for Noise Floor gig coverage – the trick is actually getting it posted.

Better late than never, I present a visual report from a great Candlepin Records team-up of Husbands and Gone – repping complementary sides of the shoegaze-y/slowcore coin – joined by adventurous rockers Main Era and the offbeat indie-punk of Alenka at trusty O’Brien’s Pub. Both Husbands and Main Era had some new material to road test, all of which sounded mint, and Gone (who boast Swirlies’ Elliott Malvas among their ranks) played a mesmerizing set of downer jams. Grab their Fever Dream tape at the afore-linked Bandcamp if you’re a connoisseur of these things, you won’t be disappointed. Alenka rounded things out nicely with a spirited and not-so-serious set of songs about getting intimate with ghosts, stealing lighters and other such topics.

Scroll for a gallery of all four bands below.