New Forms and more played a Screamo Night at Tasty Burger – 10/16

Locals New Forms, Done and lonelyisaneyesore joined Pretending (on tour from Portland) for a Monday night at the Harvard Square Tasty Burger.


If you’ve been around the Boston music scene for a minute, you might remember a brief period some years back where the basement level of Cambridge’s Tasty Burger location hosted gigs, and then unceremoniously didn’t anymore. With that drama nearly a decade in the rearview, one might’ve reasonably assumed that the space was remaining a permanent no-go for live music. But enter the good folks at IBookThings and anything becomes possible. Indeed, the organization that brings you shows at the Sil, Notch Brewing and beyond is making things happen at Tasty Burger, which I came out to witness firsthand last Monday.

“Screamo Night” is perhaps a little reductive in summarizing the show, but all four bands did fall loosely under that umbrella. lonelyisaneyesore kicked things off with tension and atmospherics before Done played the straight-up hardest (and probably least skramz-adjacent) set of the evening. Pretending, on the East Coast for the first time, brought their throat-shredding songs up close and personal, and New Forms closed out the show highlighting their then-forthcoming new record As Dust Collects (which is out now, and rips). A killer show all around, and you could get fries between sets. Hopefully the Tasty-Burger-as-venue concept has some staying power this time around.

Photos from all four bands below.