Hallelujah the Hills and Eyelids played Atwood’s Tavern – 3/18

Boston’s Hallelujah the Hills and Portland, OR’s Eyelids teamed up for a short tour that stopped at a sold-out Atwood’s last weekend.


Predictably, I spent much of Saturday night lamenting that I didn’t spend a whole lot of time at Atwood’s Tavern. Tucked away between Kendall and Inman Squares in Cambridge, the 85-capacity room is sort of an upscale, Americana-leaning counterpart to Allston’s similarly-sized O’Briens, catering to local and niche touring acts in a cozy, wood-paneled space. I’d somehow only made it there once before this month, which will sadly be its last. As final shows to see in a space go though, Saturday’s late gig with Boston’s finest folk-rock sextet Hallelujah the Hills and Portland power-pop supergroup Eyelids was a pretty choice one.

The two bands were the midst of a St. Patrick’s Day weekend teamup that also took them to NYC and New Haven together, with Saturday’s sell-out show in between. Ryan Walsh and the Hills don’t have much trouble filling rooms of this size on their own in their hometown, but the addition of their tourmates (who share membership with The Decemberists and Bob Pollard’s Boston Spaceships, among others), tickets flew fast for this one. Both sets packed both the room and the stage with some undeniable rock’n’roll spirit, with Eyelids highlighting their new release A Colossal Waste of Light and the Hills working a bit of their ambitious and ongoing Deck project into a ranging setlist.

Scroll below for a gallery of both bands.