Ylayali, Tuxis Giant, Puppy Problems played O’Brien’s Pub – 8/17

A dreamy evening in Allston.

The instant I heard Magic Eye a couple weeks back – Philadelphia musician Francis Lyons’ 2021 release under the Ylayali moniker – I was hooked. If you can picture a meeting point between Flying Saucer Attack, Spacemen 3 and Duster you’re about there, which is exactly where I want to be. Thusly, I also had to be at O’Brien’s for the band’s set last Wednesday.

I’d had this one on my calendar already, since my pals and former roommates in Puppy Problems were opening the bill – not to mention the involvement of local shoegazers Husbands and Tuxis Giant, who I’d been meaning to see forever. Good lineup!

As it turned out, Husbands unfortunately had to drop last-minute (though they do have a show coming up 10/10 at the Sil), reshuffling the bill and adding The Calendars to close out the night. Puppy Problems still opened though, sounding great with the first full-band show I’d seen them play in entirely too many years.

Lyons and Ylayli jumped the queue to second, revving up the gauzy sounds of their aforementioned recordings into a more propulsive rush to satisfying effect. Their forthcoming record, Separation, operates in a similar vein and is worth your pre-order.

Tuxis Giant were up third, playing a beautiful, stripped-down set as a duo. By the end of their time, having just recently caught band number four The Calendars up the street, the hour had come for me to give in to being very tired and head home before last call. (Sorry guys)

Scroll below for a chronological gallery from the Puppy Problems, Ylayli and Tuxis Giant sets.