Oh the Humanity played O’Brien’s – 2/17

Boston melodic hardcore crew Oh the Humanity played a tenth anniversary show with support from Kitner, Sky Tigers and Blame It On Whitman.

The spring onslaught of gigs is on its way (finally), but February was a pretty slow show-going month for me. Between the usual crushing seasonal depression, spending more time fiddling with developing film, troubleshooting all my broken analog gear and the number of shows that wound up postponed or cancelled, circumstances were not really conducive. I did drag myself out of the house on a recent Thursday for a fun night at OB’s though, where locals Oh the Humanity celebrated ten years – almost to the day – since their first show. Joining in were pals Kitner (emo-power-pop luminaries and Noise Floor favs), Sky Tigers (who I did not realize were a crossover thrash band!) and Blame It On Whitman (whose super energetic set netted me a no-look jump shot from the hip that I’m genuinely pretty proud of).

Scroll down for a gallery from the evening below.