Exhumed played Sonia – 11/8

Goregrind maniacs Exhumed returned to greater Boston for a bloody Monday night joined by Creeping Death, Bewitcher and Enforced.

I am not old, relatively, but I am of a certain age where a four-band bill on a weeknight invokes…if not dread, something nearish to dread. Still, sometimes said four-band bill is simply too good to pass up. Enter last week’s stacked rager, which paired gleefully gory vets Exhumed with a trio of rising forces in heaviness.

Richmond, VA’s Enforced kicked off the night with a crossover thrash onslaught that quickly got heads banging and bodies moving, while Pacific northwestern power trio Bewitcher followed up with a super fun slot of devilish speed metal. And for my money, the set of the night arrived next via Dallas’ Creeping Death. The five-piece are one of death metal’s most rightfully buzzed about bands right now, and they brought the heat with a spin-kicking, ultra-heavy show whose momentum not even a mid-set fire evacuation could slow.

Exhumed closed out the evening doing what they do best: slinging fake blood, real chainsaws and a bodybag full of gruesome tunes at breakneck speed. I’m not typically much of a gore metal guy (blasphemously, I could take or leave Cannibal Corpse and their ilk), but Exhumed pull it off with an undeniably pitch-perfect level of camp. Stacking up such a killer bill of tour-mates (again) doesn’t hurt either.

Scroll down for a full gallery of all the madness.