Kitner played O’Brien’s – 10/23

Locals Kitner played a stacked record release show at OB’s with Happy Just to See You, Twin Foxes and Kind Being last month.

I’d been anticipating Kitner‘s debut full-length Shake the Spins since I heard its lead handful of tunes back in August, prior to a bill they almost shared with Future Teens outdoors at ONCE. The band wound up not being able to make that show, but the record did drop in the meantime, and deliver on the promise of how great those couple of songs were on their own. The group’s vibe is a bit like a power-pop-jolted Bright Eyes, steeped in a lineage of barstool confessional songwriters but still distinctly Kitner’s own thing. Spins’ hooks are instantaneous, and its 10 songs rife with quotable, darkly funny and sometimes painfully relatable lyrics. It’s a special record, in short, and a packed house was on hand to help the band celebrate it at O’Brien’s a few weeks back.

The ALCS may have been ending in maddening fashion on the TV behind the bar, but the mood on stage was a markedly more positive one. Boston bedroom pop outfit Kind Being opened the show with a dreamy set before Providence’s Twin Foxes kicked up the volume considerably, battling through some technical difficulties to drum up a Hum-esque churn of emo-gaze. Happy Just to See You, hailing from Manchester NH, brought a heartfelt country-tinged twist to the bill before Kitner’s headlining set, which featured the new album straight down along with a couple of older tunes to close out the night.

Check out a gallery of all four bands below (and hit up the Bandcamp links above to scope out their recent releases, which are all pretty excellent).