BAD BLOOD: Noise Floor’s 2021 Halloween Mix

John Carpenter at Royale, November 2017

The time is nigh for Noise Floor Radio’s annual extra-scary edition.

Did you, dear reader, know that at one point in the history of the Halloween franchise, Michael Myers was poised to cross paths with Hellraiser‘s Pinhead as a followup to the installment where he gets taken out by Busta Rhymes? I know this because now is the time of year when I’m up late reading Wikipedia entries on the extended franchise universe, because it is Michael Myers season, because it is Halloween.

That also means, of course, that’s it’s time for my favorite Noise Floor mix of the year. 2021’s horrifying edition kicks off with some fresh John Carpenter before steering into spooky death metal, creepy-campy jazz, eerie hip-hop, a surprisingly jaunty murder ballad, and other terrifying delights. This year’s mix, more so than usual, would’ve benefited from Spotify not being the only convenient way to share something like this with the world at large (Old Nick remains Bandcamp exclusive, and the official Phantasm soundtrack maddeningly out of reach), but we make do with what we have. I trust there’s still plenty here to shock and alarm your friends and neighbors come Halloween night.