Scenes, Volume 5

Fifth entry in an analog photography feature at Noise Floor.

Something I love doing with film – something that the near-infinite nature of digital storage doesn’t really lend itself to – is dedicating a single roll (or a chunk of one) to the documentation of one single day or event. Setting out with the notion that these X number of frames will capture the spirit of the next X number of hours gives me purpose and motivation to make them count.

Last month, when I was venturing to Providence to catch Yo La Tengo headlining the Columbus, this idea struck me twofold. It was a gorgeous Saturday that practically demanded to be photographed on one of the rolls of expired Ektar I’d just picked up, and the relaxed two-set YLT setup seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally experiment with my Mamiya and some fast medium format film at the gig. The pocket point-and-shoot I used for the daytime scenes fared better than the both too-labored and not-labored-enough roll of Ilford Delta 3200 I ran through the Mamiya, but I think there’s something to appreciate in the clash between the two.

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