Scenes, Volume 2

Second entry in an analog photography feature at Noise Floor.

July was undoubtedly my busiest month of shows since before the pandemic, which at last gave me an opportunity to get this analog feature rolling as I intended. It also gave me the opportunity to finally make use of a roll of Portra 800 that was starting to feel slightly cursed. I bought it with the intention of taking it to New York with me for a Fennesz show in an elaborately-lit church, which would’ve assuredly been sick. That show, scheduled for mid-March 2020, never ended up happening. It was that very weekend that the dominos started to fall, with every show in sight cancelling out of necessity one by one. Dark stuff, as I’ve reiterated here ad nauseam. Thusly, that roll of Portra sat unused on one shelf, then in a bag, then through a move, then on another shelf, waiting for its day in the sun. Last month, that day finally arrived.

I loaded up my Olympus XA while riding the 86 bus to The Jungle, then kept it in my bag for (chronologically) Bat House and Circus Trees at The Sinclair, Squirrel Flower (and the most Kanye-centric elements of the Virgil Abloh installation) at the ICA, Nice Fest in Somerville and Hallelujah the Hills at the big boat. Have a look for some Tones, grain and long-exposures below.

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