I voted for Kodos

Super Furry Animals at Pitchfork Festival 2017

Election day is upon us.

According to Last.fm, I spent most of November 8, 2016 listening to The Stooges, A$AP Rocky and Drake. The mood of the day was…different than the mood of the evening to follow. 2016 was the scariest election in modern American history at the time, but truthfully our dear commander-in-chief was still an amorphous boogeyman– one we naively assumed had no real chance of winning, and whose unhinged, logic-defying behavior would surely be countered by sane adults elsewhere in government if, somehow, he did. Even after it happened, as I trudged to my dog-walking job on Beacon Hill in a hungover haze the next morning, it didn’t seem real. You don’t need me to tell you that four years later, it’s not only very real, but worse than most of us could’ve imagined, and the prospect of Four More Years (amid a rampant pandemic with no end in sight) is straight-up terrifying.

I did not listen to Drake today. A steady drip of heady jazz-funk-fusion and some real depressing shit powered me through the daylight hours, and since this is basically just a mix outlet at the moment, I figured I’d curate that vibe:

Meanwhile, frequent Noise Floor contributor Nick Calvino and I collaborated on a much longer and looser election night playlist to carry you into the wee hours of the evening:

(And feel free to throw YG’s “FDT” in there to taste)

See you on the other side, wherein we’ve either settled for a candidate who won’t actively attempt to kill more Americans or we sink deeper into fascism! Fingers crossed for the former!