Noise Floor’s 2020 Mixtape of Horror

Massive Attack at the Wang Theatre, September 2019

Number 74 in a weekly series of Noise Floor-curated playlists.

Look, there are way scarier things than werewolves and haunted houses and Glenn Danzig going on out there right now, but I refuse to let 2020 pry from my cold living hands the childlike glee that only Halloween can bring me.  This year’s super-sized, extra-cursed All Hallows’ Eve mix boasts some 2020 spookiness courtesy of Nine Inch Nails, Yatra, Anna von Hausswolff and Open Mike Eagle, plus all your horrifying favorites from Halloween soundtracks to 1960s novelty records and Bob Pollard songs about demons. Recommended to soundtrack pitching candy to pandemic trick-or-treaters from a safe distance.