Aux, Vol. 5

Kelly Lee Owens at the 2018 Pitchfork Music Festival

Fifth in a series of thematic, guest-curated mixes.

Originator of the format Jonathan Vayness is back this week with another set of tunes and their antecedents, paired for your consideration.

This is the second iteration of the “Pairs” playlist, where every track is paired with one that either clearly inspired it, or is the source of the main sample. In this edition you can see how the psych-pop of the sixties influenced trip-hop legends Portishead, and how Portishead’s subdued keyboards influenced the likes of contemporary indie pop artists like Perfume Genius, while classical piano and contemporary orchestral compositions feed into the familiar indie and art rock of Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens. 

The point of these playlists is never to accuse anyone of stealing an idea. Listening to these songs back to back is an exercise in hearing how musicians digest the music that came before them and use it to create completely new art. Put another way, it’s not that the Uncut Gems soundtrack ripped off Miles Davis, it’s that hearing the similarities between Davis’ trumpet and Daniel Lopatin’s synth adds a historical context to both. Hope you enjoy it.