Boston’s Week-That-Would’ve-Been – 4/5-4/11

Horrendous at Great Scott – September 2016

Surveying the weekly live music void in the pandemic age. 

It’s been nearly a month since Boston’s last live show, and sadly there’s no end in sight, but in the meantime you might consider sending some of your spare dollars the way of who you might’ve been seeing this week (and of course, the staff at your favorite venues).

4/6 – Tropical Fuck Storm / DANA / Kal Marks at The Sinclair

Noise Floor Photography: 2019/09/19 - Tropical Fuck Storm &emdash;
Tropical Fuck Storm at Great Scott – September 2019

Music from Tropical Fuck Storm / Merch from Tropical Fuck Storm

Music from DANA / Merch from DANA

Music from Kal Marks / Merch from Kal Marks

4/7 – Satan / Night Demon / Horrendous / Haunt / Cloak / Bewitcher at ONCE

Noise Floor Photography: 2018/10/13 - Satan &emdash;
Satan at Great Scott – October 2018

Music from Satan / Merch from Satan

Music from Horrendous / Merch from Horrendous

Music from Night Demon / Merch from Night Demon

Music from Haunt / Merch from Haunt

Music from Cloak / Merch from Cloak

Music from Bewitcher / Merch from Bewitcher

4/8 – Laura Marling at The Sinclair

Noise Floor Photography: 2017/05/16 - Laura Marling &emdash;
Laura Marling at Paradise Rock Club – May 2017

Music from Laura Marling / Merch from Laura Marling

4/9 – Palehound / Adult Mom / Anjimile at The Sinclair

Noise Floor Photography: 2017/06/16 - Palehound &emdash;
Palehound at Sonia – June 2017

Music from Palehound / Merch from Palehound

Music from Adult Mom / Merch from Adult Mom

Music from Anjimile / Merch from Anjimile

4/9 – Squarepusher at The Sinclair

Music from Squarepusher / Merch from Squarepusher