Oso Oso played Brighton Music Hall – 8/22

On the heels of their excellent new LP, Long Beach’s Oso Oso headlined a packed gig at Brighton with support from Ohio rockers The Sidekicks and locals Future Teens. 

As I noted on this (last) week’s radio playlist, the release of Basking in the Glow earlier this month via Triple Crown feels like a Moment for Jade Lilitri’s Oso Oso. That BNM doesn’t hurt, of course, but the record’s sincerely serene charm and effortless hooks earn the hype. Plus, the adoring fanbase that Lilitri has amassed over the past five years of the Oso Oso moniker only continues to swell, demanding bigger rooms than ever for some late summer headlining dates.

But don’t think it’s gone to Lilitri’s head. On stage, he was unassuming and content to let the songwriting do the heavy lifting under some moody backlights, and a board of bulbs cleverly emulating the Glow album art. When folks are hanging on every word like they were Thursday night, that can be all you need.

Both The Sidekicks and Boston’s Future Teens would take a different approach, embracing the sugariness of their songcraft with appropriately bouncy, high-energy sets. Jumpsuit-clad Sidekicks singer Steve Ciolek was all leaps and wild-eyed poses, while Future Teens shredded and high-kicked their way into the hearts of anyone who wasn’t already a fan (though given how loud some of those singalongs rang out, there can’t have been too many newbies present).

Check out photos of all three sets below.