Oozing Wound played O’Brien’s – 6/5

Chicago rippers Oozing Wound headlined a Wednesday night gig at O’Brien’s. 

I go to plenty of loud shows, so let the record show that when I say Oozing Wound are loud, they are loud. The Chicago trio specialize in a style of thrash-y noise rock that sounds space-bound in the sense that it approximates being strapped to the front of a rocket, and their recent appearance at O’Brien’s was a genuinely earsplitting affair. Their stage illuminated by rainbow LEDs, the band committed to a full sensory overload of a performance supporting their March LP High Anxiety. Those biting, irreverent songs are plenty of fun on record too, but live is where these dudes really shine.

I missed most of the support for this gig on account of a George Clinton assignment across town, but check out photos of Oozing Wound and Boston’s Aneurysm below.