Morbid Angel and the Decibel Tour descended on the Palladium – 3/9

Decibel Magazine’s annual ultra-heavy package tour ripped through the Worcester Palladium on Saturday night, with Florida vets Morbid Angel joined by Immolation, Necrot and Blood Incantation. 

The genre focus of Decibel’s yearly showcase covers the full range of the extreme – previous iterations have featured traditional thrashers and progressive black metal outfits alongside doom purveyors and metalcore acts – but the 2019 edition was more singularly focused than usual on good old fashioned death metal.

Well, maybe not old fashioned entirely. Cosmic Colorado quartet Blood Incantation opened the night with an all-too-brief sampling of their immersive atmospherics, previewing a new song from their hotly anticipated followup to 2016’s Starspawn. Think something like a death metal soundtrack commissioned for Event Horizon

Bay Area rippers Necrot proffered their raw and gleefully vicious take on a more traditional sound, stirring up an immense racket for a three-piece. Pure and (un)righteous fury that found bassist/vocalist Luca Indrio jumping into the photo pit to get closer to the melee in the crowd for the final song.

On the older side of the bill, Yonkers crew Immolation and Tampa headliners Morbid Angel prized efficient brutality in lean, crowd-pleasing sets. Both acts boast decades-deep catalogs and seasoned membership, and wasted no time in dispensing their wares in pummeling fashion. Of the two though, it was Trey Azagthoth and Steve Tucker’s Angel that delivered the tighter showing to close out the night despite a greener lineup, confidently driving home a career-spanning set of blast-beat insanity and frenetic fretwork.

That’s not to suggest that anyone went home disappointed from any of these four sets though. The prevailing mood of the night was one of camaraderie that packed the floor with a crowd psyched on the newcomers and the old guard alike. It was a weirdly uplifting scene stemming from four hours of music that tends toward the darkness.

An extended gallery of all four sets is below.