35mm Snapshots From Solid Sound

The month of January is awful, but remember June? June was great. In that spirit, Noise Floor offers an analog flashback to Wilco’s biennial Solid Sound Festival in bucolic Western Massachusetts last summer. 

My pocket-sized Olympus XA has become my traveling film camera of choice in recent years, for both its sharp images and absurdly compact size. I take it on most trips, but have a bad habit of forgetting about those rolls of film until months later. Hence, I got a batch of last summer’s captures developed…last week.

Amid all my summer festivals, it was Solid Sound that came back with the strongest showing from those negatives. Unsurprising, perhaps, since the MASS MoCA is among the most photogenic of festival venues I frequent, and Solid Sound’s photo pits some of the least crowded and stressful. Wilco themselves only make one very motion-blurred appearance (it’s an aperture priority camera loaded with ASA 400 film – doesn’t measure so well at night), but festival highlights Big Thief, Kurt Vile and Television are represented below alongside scenes from the museum and grounds.

Revisit my digital gallery from the weekend via Vanyaland if you so desire, and the may the memories of warmer days sustain us until festival season rolls around again.