Slowdive played Paradise Rock Club – 11/14

U.K. shoegaze legends Slowdive made their second Boston appearance since reuniting at a sold-out Paradise last week with LA’s Cherry Glazerr. 

Two years ago on Thanksgiving, I wrote about how the then-recently reunited Slowdive’s then-swansong Pygmalion was my favorite record of theirs (which I still stand by). In the two years since, the quintet has stayed together and released its long-awaited fourth record to some of the most ringing reunion record acclaim this side of mbv. Only feels fitting to put together another Thanksgiving blog post on them this year.

Last Tuesday night, the band was back in Boston, playing to a packed room and sounding sublime. I’m generally no fan of the Paradise anymore, but with the group’s own lighting and sound desk brought in for the night, it had to be one of the best sounding (and looking) shows I’ve seen there in a long while. The setlist offered plenty of essential Slowdive classics along with the new songs, which definitely held their own. The driving one-two of “No Longer Making Time” into “Souvlaki Space Station” was an inspired transition. Souvlaki‘s downcast strummer “Dagger” and the band’s immersive, extended cover of Syd Barrett’s “Golden Hair” were highlights too, but the set really never hit a lull. Slowdive sounded masterful when they first got back on the road, and if anything they sound even more assured now.

The fast-rising Cherry Glazerr’s manic garage-pop made a great match as an opener for the night. It’s always nice to see a legacy band with its finger on the pulse for up-and-coming tourmates (Japanese Breakfast joined Slowdive on the road earlier this year). See photos from both sets below.