Cobalt played O’Brien’s Pub – 10/23

Colorado black metal crew Cobalt embarked on a rare tour this fall that made its way to O’Brien’s on a recent Monday night with Milwaukee’s Pig’s Blood and locals Crowfeeder and Eaten. 

A stage incident resulting in a broken foot for vocalist Charlie Fell sidelined Cobalt before a planned U.S. tour over the summer, but they were back with a vengeance in October. Expanded from the duo of Fell and drummer Erik Wunder to a full quartet on stage, the band ripped through a short but heady set of artful, sludgy and relentless epics ranging from last year’s Slow Forever back to the 00s era of ex-member Phil McSorley. The two-man sludge of Lowell’s Crowfeeder, Eaten‘s heavy grind and the machine-precise death metal assault of Pig’s Blood provided a solid range of support for the evening.

See photos of all four sets below.