Alex Cameron played Middle East Upstairs – 10/6

Australian pop auteurist Alex Cameron headlined a late-night, sold-out show at the Middle East Up earlier this month with support from Jack Ladder. 

I was introduced to Cameron when he and saxophonist/business partner Roy Malloy served as Angel Olsen’s opening act at  one of last year’s jam-packed Sinclair shows, and it seems that he’s built up something of a cult following for himself in the meantime. The capacity crowd at this Friday night gig hung on every word, and Cameron earned every bit of that glowing admiration. His charismatic stage presence and darkly funny, gloriously sleazy songs are a skewed, singular sort of brilliance. Just try to give September’s Forced Witness a listen without getting songs about wet dreams and webcam models stuck in your head for days (and really thinking about them, too).

Those tunes – and some from 2013’s Jumping the Shark – sounded especially good fleshed out by a full band (which included Jack Ladder, whose surprisingly tender opening set was also a delight). Check out photos from the evening below.