Metz played The Sinclair – 10/2

Canadian noise rock rippers Metz headlined their second Sinclair show in as many years last Monday, with support from NYC industrial duo Uniform and Providence garage punks Gymshorts. 

Metz dropped their third LP Strange Peace last month, and dished out plenty of those new songs – brash and frantic as ever, with perhaps an extra dash of melody this time around – in addition to barnburners from Metz I and II. By way of singer/guitarist Alex Edkins’ manic energy alone, I’ve never seen a Metz show that didn’t leave heads spinning. No exceptions here.

Along with the new tunes, the band had another trick up its sleeve with a customized light show that cast them in dim hues punctuated by stobe blasts. It fit the grimy grind of their sound perfectly, even if it made them tougher to photograph than usual.

Gymshorts opened the night with a fun set of bratty, surf-tinged punk before Uniform waged war on eardrums with screeching guitars, vocalist Michael Berdan’s harrowing vocals and a martial pulse.

Check out photos from all three sets below.