Swervedriver played Brighton Music Hall – 9/9

Oxford, England’s Swervedriver returned to Boston last Saturday for a show performing two of their classic albums back to back. It doesn’t quite feel fair to continue referring to Swervedriver as a “reunited band.” The group, led by guitarists Adam Franklin and Jimmy Hartridge, has been back in the game as a live act since 2008 after dissolving in the late 90s – and has a solid 2014 reunion record under its belt, too. A once-around-the-block cash-grabbing reunion band they are not. But that doesn’t mean that celebrating their legacy is out of the question. Swervedriver’s fall tour has revolved around playing their debut and sophomore albums – 1991’s Raise and 1993’s Mezcal Head – straight through in an “evening with…” style performance. Without a supporting act in sight, the band’s current four-piece iteration ripped through both LPs in (very) loud and satisfying fashion at Brighton on a recent Saturday night. Franklin had little to say to the crowd, but the songs spoke for themselves. Check out photos from the evening below.