Thou played ONCE Ballroom – 6/30

A towering bill headlined by Louisiana sludge metal masters Thou tore through Somerville’s ONCE on the last night of June. 

ONCE was a pretty different space the last time I saw Thou play there, in a collaborative set with The Body back in 2014. They still had the mirror walls! The band was greeted by a more streamlined space this time around, and perhaps a more fitting one, with low-glowing LEDs illuminating the stage and without the general vibe of a budget high school dance.

A five-band bill was rounded out by local hardcore crew Ascend/Descend, Moloch‘s inescapable sludge, Cloud Rat‘s feral grind and a show-stealing set by atmospheric black metal enigmas False (seriously – go listen to them), before Thou capped off the night in all their crushing glory. Check out photos from the whole evening below.

Cloud Rat: