Wussy and Thalia Zedek Band played Midway Cafe – 4/2

wussy-1Cincinnati indie-rock greats Wussy played to a sold-out room at Jamaica Plain’s Midway Cafe last Saturday night with support from local legend Thalia Zedek and her top-notch backing band.  

The unseasonably dour weather outside failed to dissuade the masses from turning up – such as the ~100 people that can comfortably fit in the Midway constitute “masses.” It’s a charming spot with a quality draft beer selection, which I’d likely frequent if it weren’t located in JP (the trek from Allston without driving is an arduous one). Both Wussy (who play a mean “Ceremony” cover) and the TZB (road-testing some promising new songs) made it a worthwhile journey on this night, though. A gallery from both sets below.

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