Noise Floor Radio Volume 50

Time for a round of “Spot Karin Dreijer” (of Fever Ray) with The Knife at House of Blues Boston, April 2014)

Number 50 in a weekly series of Noise Floor-curated playlists. 

50 mixes! That feels like a milestone, if only for how wildly different the world looked 50 weeks ago. Bostonian readers will likely have heard a particularly rough bit of news that broke Friday regarding our beloved Great Scott, and between that and the various grim prognostications about the state of live music after the pandemic, things haven’t felt particularly sunny in my head as of late. Making these mixes continues to bring me some sense of joy and creative spark each week though, so thanks to you, reader, for taking the time to listen.

On this week’s edition, my quarantine jazz exploration brings us a melodic Thelonious Monk piece alongside a not-so-melodic Coltrane one, plus Fever Ray, XTC, Big Dipper and new music from Ulcerate and Trace Mountains. (Skip the Mark Kozelek track if you must, but the validity of the rambling and occasionally, weirdly profound Perils from the Sea is a hill I’ll die on).

And while you’re listening, sign the Great Scott petition if you haven’t already!