Noise Floor Radio Volume 46

Noise Floor Photography: 2012/09/11 - The Jesus and Mary Chain &emdash;
The Jesus and Mary Chain at Paradise Rock Club, September 2012

Number 46 in a weekly series of Noise Floor-curated playlists. 

My hope was never to have to turn these mixes into weekly in-memoriams, but sadly the events of late have begun dictating some of my listening, and so follows my playlist construction. This week, the loss of Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger had me revisiting that band’s pitch-perfect power-pop debut, and news of John Prine’s hospitalization urged me to spin his too, in hopes of generating some good will from the universe. Elsewhere, music that’s been keeping things together for me includes the evergreen Jesus and Mary Chain, new stuff from Waxahatchee, Nap Eyes, Old Man Gloom and the dual Nine Inch Nails ambient releases, plus my blossoming (and long-overdue) King Crimson fandom.