Behemoth played House of Blues – 11/1

Polish provocateurs Behemoth returned to Boston on the wings of October’s I Loved You At Your Darkest for an ultra-heavy triple-bill backed by At The Gates and Wolves In The Throne Room.

Halloween may have been over, but for the corpse-painted heretics of Behemoth, does that particular holiday ever really end? Nergal and company stormed the House of Blues on the first of November, brimming with disdain as gleeful as ever. The band’s live show regularly swings for the fences, spinning evil as theater, and this date was no different. A enormous black curtain drop soundtracked by some of the eerie children’s choirs that crop up on Darkest welcomed the band to the stage; incense was dramatically burned; costume changes took place; the snake’s head microphone stands made the trek. And amid all that, the foursome’s ferocious blackened-death still went for the throat. Never an underwhelming time at the Behemoth gig.

This was Behemoth’s biggest headlining show in Boston to date, but their ability to reasonably pack the room was surely aided by some big-name support. Swedish melo-death veterans At The Gates brought a rush of adrenaline to the proceedings, aided by the boundless energy of frenetic vocalist Tomas Lindberg. Olympia atmospheric black metal collective Wolves In The Throne Room set a moodier stage, giving their all to a short opening set of their frequently very long songs. A cavernous room like the House of Blues isn’t really the right space for Wolves, but I’m always grateful for an opportunity to catch them.

Check out a lengthy gallery of a very photogenic evening below.