Satan played Great Scott – 10/13

NWOBHM veterans Satan headlined a rowdy Saturday night gig at Allston’s Great Scott. 

Beyond possessing one of the objectively greatest band names of all time, speed-metal rippers Satan have the chops to back it up. Originally formed in 1979 before largely dissolving by the end of the next decade, the band have made an acclaimed comeback run since their 2011 reunion. A trio of well-received new records, including September’s Cruel Magic, have both cemented their legend and brought them to new ears (mine included).

A well-oiled crowd was packed in at Great Scott on a recent Saturday the 13th to see them deliver a blistering headlining set, following well-matched openers Black Mass, Hessian and The Humanoids. I missed most of the first two openers due to a prior engagement with Tribulation up the street, and could only stay for a few songs of the headlining set thanks to another late-night obligation (how often does Scream screen on 35mm?), but you can take a look at my brief time with Satan and The Humanoids below.