Tribulation played Brighton Music Hall – 10/13

Theatrical Swedes Tribulation headlined their biggest Boston show to date at Brighton Music Hall on a recent Saturday, with support from New York’s Black Anvil and locals Morne. 

Tribulation may well be the most stylish band in metal – and among the primary beneficiaries of advancement in wireless guitar technology. The foursome’s gothic heavy metal has plenty of personality on its own, but the band really shines with the corpse-painted kinetics of their live show. Guitarists Adam Zaars and Jonathan Hulten and bassist/vocalist Johannes Andersson revel in an acrobatic performance style that frequently has them face-to-face with their audience, and they play every gig like a packed arena. Supporting January’s Down Below, Tribulation made the well-deserved jump from bars to proper rock club on the Boston circuit this time around. BMH isn’t quite the Garden, but it’s a step in the right direction.

NYC black metal crew Black Anvil brought their own decidedly more savage stylistic flair to the support slot, wielding their instruments like primitive weapons while injecting enough melody into the mix to keep things unpredictable. Boston quartet Morne’s doom-sludge nicely topped off the night with something a bit more cosmic.

Check out photos from all three sets below.