Fever Ray at Brooklyn Hangar on 35mm

As you might recall, I recapped Fever Ray’s triumphant return to U.S. shores a few weekends back. Here’s that review’s slightly delayed visual counterpart. 

As you might also recall, I noted that no credentials were issue to bring professional photo gear into the show – much to my disappointment. The event was part of the annual Red Bull Music Festival, which has its own photo team, and that is what it is. Being the way I am, however, I had to document the show somehow, and opted for a strategy I’ve employed for a few other pass-less shows: load some nice film into an old compact camera and hope for the best. For this night, the combo was Kodak Portra 800 and my Olympus Mju II Zoom 80. I wasn’t terribly close to the rail, so the camera’s stopped-down zoom mostly resulted in blur. On the wide end, however, I think it faired pretty well for a camera whose internal date mechanism reset to the year 2002 when I changed the battery. See some of the technically imperfect but nonetheless colorful results below.