Roger Miller, Vapors of Morphine played the Aeronaut Brewery – 3/25

Boston music veterans including Mission of Burma’s Roger Miller, Vapors of Morphine and the Boston Typewriter Orchestra’s Jeff Breeze teamed up for a Sunday afternoon show to benefit Amnesty International at Somerville’s Aeronaut Brewery. 

I slept in a bit too late to catch the beginning of Sunday’s “Rock For Rights” bill at Aeronaut, but arrived in time to catch a short and delightfully odd set from Jeff Breeze, who constrained himself to just a single typewriter amid a collection of other noisemaking gadgets.

Miller was on next, with a set that promised songs “written in temporal order” starting way back in 1967. Solo on a Stratocaster, Miller took us on a career-spanning trip ranging from a song he wrote as a socially-conscious teen (a tune he said a bandmate once called “demented”) through early bands, both incarnations of Mission of Burma and his current project, Trinary System, alongside era-appropriate covers of Pink Floyd and Sun Ra. It was a rare chance to see Miller outside the full-band setting, and a pretty fascinating glimpse into the creative life of one of Boston’s local legends.

Vapors of Morphine – who just recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their namesake band’s classic Cure For Pain  closed things out with their singular, smoky style of jazz-rock. The band, composed of former Morphine members Dana Colley and Jerome Deupree joined by bassist/guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Lyons, conjured that melancholic allure that reminds us what a privilege it is to have them as fixtures of the greater Boston scene.

Sunday was also my first time checking out the Aeronaut Brewery, and I’m hoping it might become a spot where some future adventurous booking takes place. The taproom’s performance staging is certainly no-frills, but it was an agreeably relaxed atmosphere for a gig like this one. Plus, the space has a neat industrial look (plenty of brewing equipment is roped off in plain view) outfitted with quirks and amenities – and there’s naturally a wealth of great beer at one’s disposal.

See photos of the show and the space below.